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Carton flow racking was designed to help business owners keep their warehouses organized and running efficiently. By taking into account the layout, organization, and volume of a warehouse, carton racking can help drastically increase your rate of productivity.

Here’s how it works: with carton flow systems, your warehouse will be divided into two sections: The first section is usually reserved for taking products off of the shelves, while the second focuses on storing the products that have arrived from manufacturing. This system, known as a first in, first out (FIFO), allows products to flow through the warehouse seamlessly, and is a key element in having a successful carton flow racking set-up.

Benefits of Using Carton Flow Racking Systems in your Nashville Warehouse

  • It’s a cost effective solution for high-volume warehouses, and can be catered to facilities of all sizes.
  • The system can be configured to the specific needs of your warehouse. Whether you’re picking products out of bins, or using a front-loading technique for continuous flow set-ups, a carton flow system will be beneficial.
  • Available in a variety of materials: steel, aluminum, recycled plastic, cardboard, and more.
  • The construction of your set-up can be modified to match both your sustainability efforts and your budget.

Most warehouses store a variety of different materials, which are often transferred in and out of storage at different rates. Some of these items are considered to be fast moving, while others move through the warehouse at slower speeds. We often make the suggestion to use a carton flow system in an environment that moves products at a medium to high rate. If you’re thinking about installing a carton flow system, but you’re unsure whether or not it’s right for your warehouse, call our office today and let one of our experts help!

Who Should Use Carton Racking?

Carton flow racking is particularly useful for e-commerce facilities, distribution centers, or multi-level pick modules. However, every warehouse’s operation is a little different, and seeing as how this type of storage system is extremely customizable, there really isn’t a right or wrong application for carton racking.

Why Install A Carton Racking System

Carton racking is exceptionally good at organizing the flow of products from the time they arrive at the warehouse, to the time they are shipped back out to the consumer. This is why these systems tend to benefit those warehouses that are continuously moving high volumes of products each day. By using a carton flow system, your warehouse will be able to avoid the high costs associated with having to hire large amounts of workers. Additionally, carton flow racking will improve warehouse operations by keeping your inventory organized and allowing shipments to be automatically processed!

Warehouses using carton racking will also have the opportunity to store more products in less space, which will help keep building costs down. Carton flow rack systems can use about 50% less space than standard pallet racking systems, and the difference can be even more dramatic with multi-level systems. Not to mention, the simplicity of a gravity-driven system requires less money for maintenance than automated systems.

Supplier For Used Carton Flow Racking Equipment in Nashville, TN

To better serve our clients, Nashville Pallet Racking now specializes in used storage equipment! There are many benefits to buy used equipment, and many of our clients choose this option to save time and money! We have a variety of used storage systems in-stock and ready for immediate shipment! Contact us today to find the best used pallet racking equipment at unbelievably low prices!

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